Design an Effective Advertising Page

If you want to make money from your blog through advertising or working with companies, then having an Advertising page as part of your blog design is a must. If your blog does not include an Advertising page, a company representative won’t know you’re potentially interested in working with them on joint projects.Of course, you can call this page something other than the Advertising page (Advertising/PR, Work with Me, Sponsorships, and so on); just make sure the name is obvious to the potential advertiser. You don’t want someone to have to search your site to find it. Creating an informative Advertising page means making your blog’s opportunities clear and your page design easy to navigate.

Showcase your blog’s opportunities on your Advertising page

Some bloggers prefer to include a lot of details on their Advertising page. Others prefer to keep it short and then direct visitors to contact them for more info. How much or little you include really boils down to personal preference.

You can showcase opportunities on your Advertising page through visual or navigation design. The following examples illustrate how you might add helpful images or links on your advertising page:

  • Ads in your blog or newsletter: Help the visitor visualize advertising opportunities by showing graphical representations of the ad sizes you offer.

  • Reviews or giveaways: Display thumbnail images and titles that link to past posts or simply provide a link with a short description.has a great example of a robust Advertising page. This Media Kit page uses a mix of subheadings, links.

Advertisers are also typically interested in your blog stats like your page views, number of Facebook fans, and other relevant statistics that demonstrate your blog’s reach. How much detail you provide on your Advertising page is your call. Some bloggers prefer to show a lot of detail, while others prefer to save details for a media kit that they e-mail to a potential advertiser upon request.If you include statistics on your Advertising page, make the data easy to scan. You could also liven up your page by using graphical elements or symbols to accompany the statistics (like a Twitter icon beside your number of Twitter followers).

For some bloggers, selling ads directly from your Advertising page makes sense as a great, hassle-free option. Instead of managing the advertising process manually — e-mailing advertisers back and forth, managing payments, and placing the ads on your blog — you sell ads through an application that handles the advertising for you.Incorporating this into your Advertising page design lets your potential advertiser easily purchase an ad from your site with less administration from you.Setting up a way to sell ads directly from your Advertising page is easier than you might think. Passionfruit Ads, for example, let you set up a professional-looking shop for advertisers to purchase ads on your blog. Choose how many ads you want, provide descriptions for each one, and set advertising terms like how long the ads run. To display Passionfruit ,Ads on your Advertising page, you simply paste the code that Passionfruit provides into your page, and the advertising shop displays on your blog.Passionfruit works on any blog platform, from WordPress to Blogger to Tumblr, and take a fee each time you sell an ad on your blog.On, go to edit the page in which you want to add the advertising shop, click the Text tab, and paste the code into the page’s content area. On Blogger, click the HTML button from the post editing page, and then paste the code into the page’s content area.

If you decide to use an app like this to sell advertising for your blog, take a few minutes to customize the colors to match the rest of your blog. Refer to your blog’s style guide to get the color hex codes for your blog design colors.

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