How to Create Content That Sale

There is a big misconception that content marketing doesn’t drive sales. But if it didn’t work well, none of my companies would exist.

Content marketing is an absolute necessity for brand survival and I’ve grown each of my businesses through content marketing.

If you want to generate hordes of sustainable, long-term traffic without spending too much money, content marketing is the way to go.

At its core, it’s very simple:Create valuable content for your target audience, and give it to them.

You’re on the right track if you are currently creating and distributing content. But for those of you not seeing results from these marketing campaigns, it can be frustrating.

If you’re putting so much time and effort into this, why aren’t you seeing results? What’s the issue?

I see this problem a lot when I’m consulting businesses. They don’t have a clearly defined content strategy. If this sounds like you, it’s important you read this post carefully.

It’s great that you are continuing to publish new content. But this isn’t effective if your sales aren’t increasing.

Sure, content marketing can be used for many different things. Primarily, businesses use content marketing to:

  • generate leads
  • acquire new customers
  • increase brand awareness
  • establish credibility
  • engage with an audience

    Create a customer journey map

    Journey maps are a great resource because they take you through the buying process even further than the conversion funnel.

    Your journey map will focus on events that take place after the purchase, instead of just before. While awareness and consideration will still be part of your journey map, you’ll also focus on your customer retention strategy.

    Analyze how the customer behaves after their initial purchase. This is very important when it comes to driving sales.

    That’s because you won’t always focus all your efforts on ways to acquire new customers.

    In fact, you shouldn’t be. Yes, of course, new customers are great. But it’s less expensive and more effective to target your current customers. A journey map can help you accomplish this.

    You’ll put yourself in the minds of your customers. Once you’re able to do this effectively, you can adjust your content strategy accordingly based on their points of view.

    Stay Active (It’s Not Just Good For Your Heart)

    Running a small business blog is hard. Especially if you’re wearing more than one of the hats in your company. Finding time to constantly create content can be hard.

    But here’s the thing:

    Active blogs generate more traffic.

    Small businesses that blog, even infrequently, get 55% more website visitors than ones that don’t. But by keeping your blog active and frequently adding content you can get up to 6.9x more organic search traffic:

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